Network Administrator

The Network Administrator is directly responsible for all aspects of Information Technology at Shelburne Farms. This entails everything from assessing and evaluating technology needs to purchase, installation, configuration, systems and process documentation, and support. The Network Administrator’s responsibility covers all aspects of information technology including, but not limited to, network infrastructure, hardware, software, network security, telecommunications, etc. The ability to find creative, flexible solutions in a fast-paced multiple device environment is essential. We are willing to provide a flexible work arrangement (30 to 40 hour week) for the right person.


  • Transport Component
    • Maintain an optimal configuration for efficient network traffic flow
    • Monitor network traffic (internal and external) to ensure acceptable levels
    • Troubleshoot any transport problems that may arise (hardware and software)
  • Network Component
    • Be sure that hardware is functioning at peak performance levels
    • Update hardware as needed to meet expected demand
    • Monitor performance for failures (actual and potential)
    • Plan for network growth
  • Server Component
    • Keep all servers performing at a high level
    • Regularly monitor log files for potential and actual problems
    • Keep server components updated (including firmware and driver updates)
  • Remote Access Component
    • Provide for efficient, secure methods to remotely access the Shelburne Farms network
  • Telecommunications
    • Supplement 3rd party vendors in supporting our PBX and voicemail system
    • Perform as many move-add-change requests as possible in-house
    • This includes software changes, hardware changes at the switch block and jacks
    • Act as liaison with telecommunications vendors

Network Security

  • Maintain a secure network perimeter
  • Monitor all network traffic for attacks to our infrastructure
  • Review all relevant log files
  • Implement and support systems to secure the network from all threats
  • Develop and maintain protocols for delivery and installation of vulnerability fixes
  • Develop and maintain protocols for delivery and installation of software updates
  • Coordinate antivirus / antiSPAM software and strategies
  • Maintain software and systems for malware protection (client and server-sides)

User Support

  • Resolve help desk issues

Application Development

  • Create software as necessary in support of Shelburne Farms users
  • Bring new software solutions to users (stand-alone and database applications)
  • Support for Shelburne Farms primary website(s). (related services as needed)


  • Manage and oversee IT day-to-day operations
  • Effectively communicate relevant IT-related information
  • Budgeting, purchasing and billing responsibilities for IT Department
  • Build and maintain vendor relationships
  • Negotiate and manage maintenance contracts for hardware and software
  • Oversee network backup
  • Disaster Recovery / Contingency Planning for all IT-related functions
Qualifications & Requirements: 

Experience: Three to five years experience managing an IT Department or an equivalent combination of network support work and project management experience.


  • This position requires strong analytical skills
  • Good interpersonal skills, both verbal and written, are required
  • Must have experience with Windows-based operating systems (client and server)
  • Must have knowledge of networking services and protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, etc)
  • Must have a strong network security background
  • Must be familiar with web-based and FTP technologies
  • Must have familiarity with remote access technologies
  • Some programming experience is desirable (web and application)
  • Must be familiar with BYOD environments/challenges; integrating Apple and smartphone devices
  • Must be self-motivated

Abilities: Specific abilities include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to juggle multiple projects and problems
  • Exercising confidentiality about sensitive matters
  • Being able to work outside of normal business hours
Term:  Year Round
Time:  Full Time
Reporting To:  Chief Financial Officer
How To Apply: 

Please send cover letter and resume to: