Children's Farmyard

We’re open for the season! Now through Oct. 18, 2015.

Year-Round: Welcome Ctr & Farm StoreWalking Trails, Programs

included in  General Admission.

Enjoy a clean, safe, friendly and informative experience of agriculture with your family. The Farmyard, located in the south wing of the Farm Barn, opened in 1991.

How do you get to the Farmyard?

  • Stroll the Walking Trail from Welcome Ctr. (3/4 mile)
  • Ride a 15-minute tractor wagon shuttle from the Welcome Ctr. to the Farm Barn.
    • First shuttle leaves at 10 am, then runs every half hour.
    • Last shuttle leaves the Welcome Ctr. at 4 pm.
    • From the Farm Barn, the last shuttle leaves to return to the Welcome Ctr. at 4:45 pm.  

What can you do at the Farmyard?

Explore on your own or join a number of activities scheduled throughout the day. The first activity (Chicken Parade) is at 10:30 am. The last activity is at 4:00. Trained educators and volunteers are on hand to answer questions.

  • Chicken Parade (10:30 am)
  • Milk a cow (11 am & 2 pm daily) Watch the video!
  • Collect eggs.
  • Pet a rabbit.
  • Goat milking demo (4:15 pm)
  • Card and spin wool.
  • Brush a sheep and goat.
  • Get in the garden.
  • Chores with the public in the late afternoon.
  • RAPTORS in RESIDENCE: every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday @1:00 pm in the woods near the farmyard and every Saturday after September 6, 2014. Meet and learn about live birds of prey. Presented by Outreach for Earth Stewardship

What animals do we have?

  • Brown Swiss milk cow
  • Brown Swiss calves
  • Goats and goat kids (due mid June)
  • Sheep and lambs
  • Pig and piglets (due late summer)
  • Several breeds of rabbits
  • Polish Crested hens and Bantams, laying hens and roosters
  • Turkeys (in the Farmyard starting late May)
  • Miniature Sicilian Donkeys
  • Horses