ABCs of Farm-Based Education

  • ABCs of Farm-Based Education (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • ABCs of Farm-Based Education (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • ABCs of Farm-Based Education (Courtney Ley Photography)

Are you looking to build a farm-based education program, or inspire your existing programming? At this workshop, you’ll fill your toolbox with kid-tested, educator approved activities, as you join a community of peers from around the region. Spend three days in hands-on, discussion and activity-based learning and explore Shelburne Farms’ dairy, farmyard, garden, and forest classrooms. Experience activities from Shelburne Farms’ publications Project Seasons and Cultivating Joy and Wonder as we discuss ways to engage school groups and farm visitors. In addition to activity sharing and program development, we’ll discuss tips for creating a safe, inclusive learning environment and will have ample time for getting to know one another and our respective farm-based education sites.

A few words from past participants:

“The ABCs of Farm-Based Education is an inspiring program that gave me tools. I feel confident using my farm to engage and education visitors in an exciting way. I can’t believe how much I learned and how amazing it was to meet other people doing great things in my field.”

“The community that was created through this workshop really showed how different backgrounds and experiences can collaborate to provide the same outcomes of education and creativity.”

“This workshop reinvigorated my excitement on farm to school and gave me the resources to do it!”


Workshop Agenda

Read more about ABCs on our blog.

Instructors:  Susie Marchand, Vera Simon-Nobes, and other Shelburne Farms educators.

Co-presented with the Farm-Based Education Network, a project of Shelburne Farms.

Register for the workshop March 9-11, 2018