1763    Town of Shelburne is chartered
1791    Vermont becomes 14th state
1800s  Small farms established on Shelburne Point
1851    William Seward Webb is born
1860    Lila Osgood Vanderbilt is born
1881    Seward Webb & Lila Vanderbilt marry
1886    Seward & Lila begin purchasing farms on Shelburne Point
1888    Original Shelburne House completed
1890    Farm Barn completed
1891    Breeding Barn & Old Dairy Barn completed
1900    Major Shelburne House renovations completed
1902    Coach Barn completed
1913    Lila & Seward give Southern Acres to their eldest son J. Watson & his wife, Electra Havemeyer Webb
1926    Seward Webb dies
1936    Lila Webb dies. Her youngest son, Vanderbilt, takes lead role in managing the property.
1947    Electra Havemeyer Webb founds Shelburne Museum
1956    Vanderbilt dies. He leaves northern portion of property to his son Derick
1960    J. Watson & Electra die, leaving Southern Acres to their children.
1970    First summer camps are held at Shelburne Farms
1972    Derick’s six children form nonprofit Shelburne Farms Resources (now simply known as “Shelburne Farms”)
1976    Derick donates Farm Barn, Coach Barn, & Shelburne House to nonprofit
1977    We begin our first school programs. 
1980    The Farm's buildings & landscape are listed on National Register of Historic Places
1981    We begin cheese making, launch property tours, and open our first education center at  the Coach Barn.
1984    Derick Webb dies. He bequeaths the property of Shelburne Farms to the nonprofit
1986    Sam Sr., J. Watson Jr., & Harry Webb (the children of Electra and J. Watson)  donate land at Southern Acres to Shelburne Museum
              First edition of Project Seasons curriculum guide published
              North Gate house renovated into Welcome Center
1987    Shelburne House renovated and opens as The Inn at Shelburne Farms
1988    We begin our first international programs for educators
1990    Our farmhouse cheddar wins first American Cheese Society Award
1991    Children’s Farmyard opens
1993    Farm Barn renovations completed; McClure Center for School Programs opens at the Farm Barn
1994    We acquire Southern Acres from Shelburne Museum; descendants of Electra & J. Watson Webb contribute land & easements
1995    Shelburne Farms earns National Trust for Historic Preservation Honor Award;
              New Zealand-style milking parlor constructed
1996    New copper roof installed on Breeding Barn
2001    The property of Shelburne Farms receives National Historic Landmark designation
2003    Landscape Stewardship master plan completed
2006    Cooking with Shelburne Farms published
              Shelburne Farms co-founds national Farm-based Education Association
2007    Restoration of formal gardens begins
2008    Tri-lateral partnership for sustainability education launched with Japan and China