Jim McCarthy

Chef Jim McCarthy
Executive Chef
[email protected]

Jim McCarthy is our new Executive Chef, but he is no stranger to Shelburne Farms, having worked seasonally at the inn since 2009 as a line cook, breakfast chef, special functions chef, and dinner chef.  If that weren’t resume enough, Jim also holds a culinary arts degree from the New England Culinary Institute, and a Master’s Degree in nutrition and food science from the University of Vermont.  Most recently, he’s worked with the nutritional services staff at South Burlington Schools to help them strengthen their mission to serve fresh, healthy meals.  “I help the cooks find more recipes, broaden the range of local food they are preparing, and teach better batch cooking techniques,” he says. “And we do tastings to encourage the kids to try foods they haven’t had before. It’s really sort of a salesman job, persuading them to try parsnip apple soup.” Apparently it’s working. Jim reports a change in student attitudes towards unfamiliar foods – a greater willingness to try something new.