Linda Wellings

Linda Wellings
Early Childhood Education Coordinator, Director of School Programs
[email protected]

Linda considers herself blessed to have spent the second half of her working life at Shelburne Farms.  In her earlier life, she spent twenty years teaching preschool, kindergarten, second and fifth grade in Ohio.  Then, she “died and went to teacher heaven- Shelburne Farms!”  With her years of teaching experience and a Master of Arts in Education, she came to the farm as a volunteer in the Children’s Farmyard and grew into her current position as Director of School Programs.  (She prefers the title of ‘Facilitator of Wonder’.)   Linda’s favorite program to facilitate is with the King Street preschoolers who visit the Farm many Fridays of the year.  She also loves working with educators to share with them all the opportunities of using the natural and agricultural worlds as an extension of their classrooms.

When not at the Farm, Linda loves to travel with her sisters.  Wherever they go, they take something from the Farm to share with new acquaintances and encourage them to visit the Farm if they ever get to the US.