An apology

On behalf of Shelburne Farms, I want to offer a profound apology for the difficulties and disappointment that so many of you in our extended community experienced at the Vermont Symphony Orchestra concert here on July 4th.   

The Farm jointly decided with the VSO at 3 pm on Saturday to move ahead with this concert. Unfortunately, a known band of scattered showers predicted for late in the day became instead a very significant rainfall that was tough to handle. We took a gamble and regrettably lost. 

We acknowledge and regret the uncertainty, confusion, and inconvenience that you and your families had to endure.  

For more information, please visit VSO website.


Alec Webb

alec webb

Posted by Alec Webb

July 7, 2015


I didn't attend the festivities but just wanted to say you can't predict what Mother Nature is going to do (especially here in VT!). It's not your fault that the evening wasn't picture perfect and I would think that attendees all had access to the weather report and made their choice to attend. Shelburne Farms shouldn't feel bad about it but it's nice that you issued an apology. Thanks for everything that you guys do!
You can't help the weather in Vermont. Especially this summer. Everyone got hit. Maybe some harder than others, but we all got wet if we were out in it.
As someone who just hosted an outdoor wedding for 150 guests the week before with the heavens opening up just as the I do's were have all of my empathy....trying to make the call as to what to do when the 'intermittent' showers really turn out to mean that you should be building an ark..... I have to think that despite any disappointment, you will always still have the goodwill of the attendees and friends of Shelburne who understand that even a symphony orchestra sometimes can't soothe mother Nature!

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