Digging Deeper with Our Farm Connections

Digging Deeper Workshop for early childhood educators - May 24
Thursday, May 24, 2018
Time: 9:00AM-4:30PM
Event Type: 
Educator Workshop
Location: Coach Barn, Shelburne Farms
Fee: $35.  Includes lunch.

Looking for ways to integrate your classroom curriculum in the garden?  Or are you hoping to connect with a local farm and not sure how or want to hear how others are connecting classrooms to farms? Join us on Thursday, May 24th for a day to discover how to bring these connections back to your classroom and everyday curriculum for place-based learning at its best!  Choose your track for the day to fully immerse yourself. Each track offers endless opportunities for learning!


Please note: You will pick one track when you register. This will support a stronger learning community and give you ample time for experiential learning, discussion, and peer networking.

  • Gardening All Year with April Zajko

  • Kid Friendly Farmyard with Michaela Ryan and JoAnne Denee

More information on the program and each track


Registration Details: 

For registration and scholarship questions, please contact Amy Rougier, [email protected].

For program questions, please contact Jed Norris, [email protected].


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