Waking Up Gently: Using the Natural Landscape as a Post-Winter Guide

Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Time: 3:30–5:00PM
Event Type: 
Educator Workshop
Location: Online
Fee: Free

In partnership with UVM Tarrant Institute, we’re going to explore how educators can— along with their students —incorporate exploration of the rhythms of the natural world here in Vermont as a backbone for meaningful personalized learning.

As the world wakes up around us, what can we learn from it about managing our own emotional and mental situations as learners?

How can we use natural observation to help our students design meaningful learning opportunities outside of school?

Attendees will learn and do: this is an interactive workshop designed for educators to in learning & reflection in a way that allows them to replicate the process with their students.


  • Courtney Mulcahy, Shelburne Farms
  • Emily Hoyler, UVM Tarrant Institute
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