Discover the Farm: Ages 7-9 & 8-10

  • Discover the Farm (Art Bell)
  • Discover the Farm (SF Staff)
  • Discover the Farm (SF Staff)


Ages 7-9: Based out of the McClure Education Center at the Farm Barn.  
Ages 8-10: Based out of the Coach Barn Forest.



*Before and after care available; campers may be dropped off as early as 8:00AM and picked up as late as 5:00PM.

Camp Description:

For ages 7-9 Discover the Farm campers create and deepen connections with the land by venturing beyond well-loved areas of the farm on excursions that are co-created by staff and campers. Each day begins with age appropriate farm-based choice activities on the north lawn of the Farm Barn. Our morning discoveries may take us on tractor rides to harvest blueberries with the farmers, hikes to Outreach for Earth Stewardship to meet raptors, games in the historic Breeding Barn, or explorations of the pond ecosystem with dipping nets to discover what lives there. In the afternoons, we’ll offer Feast, Farm, Find where campers choose from a variety of activities that are designed based on camper’s interests. Cooking contests, farmyard visits, fire building practice, scavenger hunts, and animal yoga are just a handful of past options. On hot days, we’ll come together to cool off, swim, explore the shoreline, or skip rocks in Lake Champlain. At the end of the camp day we’ll share our favorite moments and discoveries, and together, craft exciting options for the following day.

For ages 8-10 Discover the Farm at the Coach Barn Forest has all the same elements of Discover the Farm at the Farm Barn, including small group time, Feast, Farm, Find, and afternoons of swimming and lake shore time on hot days, but introduces campers to another part of the Farm. Similar to the Outdoor Classroom, this forest clearing near the lake is an outdoor home base with a fire circle, outdoor kitchen, sheltered lean-tos, running water, an enclosed composting toilet, and plenty of space to run, play, and explore. This location is closer to the dairy, lake, sheep pastures, and Market Garden, with the possibility to hike or tractor to the Farm Barn animals, too!

Ages 7-9 camps: 30 campers/session
Ages 8-10 camps: 20 campers/sessions

Ages 7-9 Dates:

June 22–26
Discover the Farm, Session 1
Fee: $300

June 29–July 3
Discover the Farm, Session 2
Fee: $300

July 6–10
Discover the Farm, Session 3
Fee: $300

July 27–31
Discover the Farm, Session 5
Fee: $300

August 17–21
Discover the Farm, Session 8
Fee: $300

Age 8-10 Dates:

July 13–17
Discover the Farm, Session 4
Fee: $300

August 3–7
Discover the Farm, Session 6
Fee: $300

August 10–14
Discover the Farm, Session 7
Fee: $300

2020 Important Information: