Endowment Fund

  • Photo by Jay Ruppel, in our Lenses on the Land program

One way to make sure that all you love about Shelburne Farms continues for generations to come is to help grow the Endowment Fund.

The Need

An organization the size and complexity of Shelburne Farms needs a significant endowment to assure its long-term sustainability. The annual draw from our current Endowment Fund is only enough to sustain operations for one week out of 52. Growing our endowment is critical to the Farm’s continued success. 

The Approach

We ask you, our generous supporters, to consider endowing your annual membership with a gift of 25 times your current gift level. We call this the “Forever Fund” and invite you to be a founding member. Your gift of endowment will be invested in a socially-responsible manner with a percentage of the annual earnings used each year to support our programs educating for a sustainable future.

The Results

By making a special gift to the Endowment Fund, you ensure the continued success of Shelburne Farms and all of our programs educating for a sustainable future, now and in perpetuity.  Thank you!

Contact Sue Dixon, Special Gifts Coordinator  |  [email protected]  |  (802) 985-0322
Shelburne Farms, 1611 Harbor Road, Shelburne, VT 05482