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Shelburne Farms thrives because of our amazing members. We all have a unique connection with this place and mission, and our community is a patchwork of these stories.

Do you hike up Lone Tree Hill to recharge and clear your head each week? Did your child learn to milk a cow in our farmyard? Are you working hard to cultivate change for a more sustainable future?

Whatever your connection, we are so grateful for your commitment to Shelburne Farms! Once we read your story, we’ll share it here and perhaps on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • "Shelburne Farms is always close to my heart."

    Although thousands of miles away, Shelburne Farms is always close to my heart. Folks there are the best proof of the idea I have about my American friends: generous, caring about our common heritage, committed to preserving natural and cultural resources for the generations to come.

    Maurilio Cipparone Pomezia, Rome, Italy
  • "I love the environment and you help the environment."

    I am donating money to you because I had a birthday party. The reason I chose you is one: because I love the environment and you help the environment. 2. Because I love animals and you do to. 3. I've gone on a number of field trips and done many camps and 4. I love your gardens and hiking paths and walking paths. So to help make all of these things happen to help make Shelburne [Farms] great.

    Dahlia R Burlington, VT
  • "I want to help as much as possible to sustain Shelburne Farms"

    I love history and the period of time when horse drawn carriages is a major interest.

    The history of the coach barn is of great interest me.

    I want to help as much as possible to sustain Shelburne Farms

    Roger L Gardner Honeoye Falls, NY
  • "My heartfelt belief in its core mission"

    I could easily fill several very thick volumes on what Shelburne Farms means to me. But the truth is that the essential meaning it holds is even too sacred a thing to really explain…my heartfelt belief in its core mission of Universal Sustainability through Education; a formula for change that will help change the World into a safer and more equitable place for everyone. Thank you… for making me feel I'm a part of this remarkable place called Shelburne Farms. It represents a true and beneficial social revolution in all ways.

    Jacques Martin South Burlington, VT