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  • The Sustainability Academy, our partner in Burlington, VT

    "Sustainability is another word for justice — for what is just is sustainable, and what is unjust is not."

    — Matthew Fox

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Farm Blog

Stories and updates from around the Farm

  • Haying 101

    There’s never a quiet time of year for dairy farmers, but haying season can be especially busy. Here's a breakdown of how haying works.

  • New Wildlife Tracker Supports Community Science

    A new Motus radiotelemetry tracking station has been installed at the dairy. It's a great way for us to support wildlife research at the farm and beyond.

  • 2021 Formal Garden Updates: June 23

    Read about what is blooming in the Formal Gardens with details from Horticulturist Paul Wieczoreck and Garden Manager Birgit Deeds.

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