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    "Sustainability is another word for justice — for what is just is sustainable, and what is unjust is not."

    — Matthew Fox

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  • Order Farm products for the holidays

    Our Cheddar & Maple Syrup & more

    Enjoy our cheddar, maple syrup, and other farm products at any time of the year. Share this magical place and its purpose.

    Order cheddar, syrup, and farm products

  • Educators, learn and grow with us online!

    Discover new opportunities in education for sustainability, outdoor learning, and farm to school.

    2021 Learning Opportunities COMING SOON!

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Inspiring stories, professional learning, and innovative teaching ideas for educators

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At-home and virtual activities for learners of all ages

  • Craft Ideas from Winter Gifts Program

    Have fun with your kids creating these simple gifts using found and recycled materials near you. These ideas are borrowed from our Winter Gifts program.

  • A Journey from Sheep to Sweater

    Did you know that Shelburne Farms has a flock of 60 sheep? But how do you get from a white woolly sheep to a warm, cozy sweater?

  • How is Butter Made?

    Watch and learn how to make butter - all you need is some heavy cream, a jar, a song, and some friends!

Farm Blog

Stories and updates from around the Farm

  • Thank you to our Community - We met the Challenge!

    We're pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we met the Robert W. Wilson Challenge for Shelburne Farms!

  • Smoked Cheddar Dip

    Get the recipe for this customer-favorite dip featuring our Smoked Cheddar.

  • Remembering Martin Tierney

    As principal architect for Shelburne Farms for nearly 20 years, Martin guided and championed the renovation of many of the nonprofit's historic buildings, transforming them -- and the Farm, in the process.

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