• The Sustainability Academy, our partner in Burlington, VT

    "Sustainability is another word for justice — for what is just is sustainable, and what is unjust is not."

    — Matthew Fox

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  • Educators, learn and grow with us online this fall

    Discover new opportunities in education for sustainability, outdoor learning, and farm to school.

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  • New! Order Online for Curbside Pickup

    Now you can order Farm Store items online for same day pick-up! Enjoy foods prepared by our Inn Chef, cheddar, maple syrup, meat, and other farm products!

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  • Garden Bugs: Friend or Foe?

    Our gardens aren’t just full of tastes, colors, and smells - they are full of BUGS! Meet some of the insects that might be living in your garden.

  • Sheep and Goats: Grazers or Browsers?

    Sheep and goats are friendly companions in our pastures, but if you observe them closely for a while, you may notice that they aren’t always eating the same plants the same way.

  • All About Eggs!

    Did you know that chicken eggs come in colors other than white and brown? Learn about what the eggs of different breeds look like in our matching game!

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