• Educators, learn and grow with us online in 2021!

    Discover new online opportunities in education for sustainability, outdoor learning, and farm to school.

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  • The Sustainability Academy, our partner in Burlington, VT

    "Sustainability is another word for justice — for what is just is sustainable, and what is unjust is not."

    — Matthew Fox

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  • Order Farm products for the holidays

    Our Cheddar & Maple Syrup & more

    Enjoy our cheddar, maple syrup, and other farm products at any time of the year. Share this magical place and its purpose.

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For You & Your Students

Inspiring stories, professional learning, and innovative teaching ideas for educators

  • Educators! Learn with us this Summer

    Our summer programs prepare PK-12 educators to facilitate learning experiences for students using a lens of sustainability. You and your students can be changemakers for a more healthy and just future!

  • Rethinking Equity in the Outdoors

    We need to feel we belong in the places we live if we are to begin to heal them. Here's a personal exploration of how we might collectively imagine spaces where everyone belongs.

  • Farm to School & Food Justice: Webinar Recording

    Explore emergent issues within a community-based food system, as well as opportunities to affect change locally, in this Farm to School webinar recording.

For You or Your Family

At-home and virtual activities for learners of all ages

  • Discover Maple Sugaring at Shelburne Farms

    Join educators Jed and Cat as they introduce you to the sugarbush and the sugarhouse as you discover the story of sap to syrup!

  • Lambing Time!

    Get a peek behind the scenes of lambing season, and learn about some of the tools and strategies we use to keep our lambs and their moms healthy and safe.

  • Winter Wildlife Detectives: Print, Pattern & Place

    Use the “3 P’s” of tracking — Print, Pattern, and Place — when creating your own story of the secretive lives of wild animals!

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