Our Chicken Parade – Made Virtual

Have you ever had a front row seat to a Chicken Parade? Here’s your chance! You’ll learn some fun facts about chickens along the way, and see what our hens and rooster are up to this time of year. The chickens have been enjoying the sunshine, bugs, and fresh grass that arrive with spring. The longer days also mean that the chickens are back to laying a daily egg for us to collect!


Shelburne Farms’ Chicken Parade


Explore the Shelburne Farms Children’s Farmyard Chicken Coop


As you’re learning at home, or sharing through your virtual classroom, here are some additional resources and activities to explore further:

Chicken activities from Project Seasons:

Do you already have chickens? Here are some creative enrichment ideas for your flock (and you) that will have your chickens living it up this summer! Enrichment is a fun way to provide mental stimulation and physical exercise for your chickens as well as any other pets!

  • Bobbing for blueberries
  • Musical instruments like a toy piano or xylophone—teach the chickens to associate the instruments with sounds by placing mealworms or feed on the keys
  • A shallow tub of crushed ice with mealworms mixed in
  • Target training (which is the base of training many other behaviors)
  • Hang a suet feeder filled with veggies
  • Install an unbreakable mirror

Book Recommendations

  • Chickens Aren’t The Only Ones: A Book about Animals Who Lay Eggs, Ruth Heller
  • A Chicken Followed Me Home: Questions and Answers About A Familiar Fowl, Robin Page
  • Tillie Lays An Egg, Terry Golson
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May 20, 2020

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