Raise the Blade

We’re excited to get behind the work of Lawn to Lake, a partnership of organizations devoted to water quality protection in Lake Champlain and its  watershed. They are asking homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to consider lawn care practices that reduce stormwater runoff and improve soil health. The Shelburne Farms Buildings and Grounds Team have been following these practices for many years, and we’re eager to help spread the word.

Lawn to Lake has distilled their recommendations into three tips for lake-friendly lawns:

  1. Raise the blade on your mower to 3 inches. This maintains longer grass that retains moisture in the soil. Longer grass also means deeper roots, which aerate the soil and improve its ability to hold rainwater and resist drought.
  2. Leave the clippings. Clippings are natural fertilizer that build healthy soil, and leaving them not only builds healthy soil, but also eliminates raking and emptying the mower bag, giving you more time to enjoy other outdoor activities!
  3. Follow the ⅓ rule. Removing only the ⅓ of the grass blade height when you mow reduces the stress to your lawn, keeping it lush and green.

There may only be a few more weekends to haul out your lawn mower, but we still encourage you to implement these tips while you can still see your lawn and after the snow has melted in 2019. Visit lawntolake.org and follow them on Facebook to join the campaign and help spread the word.

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