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As fall foliage wanes and winter closes in, here’s a look back at the joy of summer, as experienced by more than 700 children who attended our camps in 2018. Many of them – about 25% – were supported by the generosity of people like you.

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Here are a few of the thoughts our campers’ families shared with us at the end of the summer:

“This week I have seen such growth in my daughter! She has become a confident little girl during the Adventurers Camp. The first day she was a bit hesitant and teary, but an educator took her under her wing and eased the transition. Each day I saw my daughter’s confidence build at drop-off. By Friday she was smiling and waving goodbye to me. This is HUGE for her, and it makes me feel better about her starting kindergarten this fall!”

“I grew up on a farm in Vermont, but have been raising my son in D.C. since he was born. This was our first summer in VT since we moved back. Being able to share the Vermont farm experience with my “city kid” filled my heart with joy. It was a wonderful educational experience and we couldn’t be more thankful that he was able to participate.”

“My daughter was all smiles from her experience at camp. The counselors were very friendly and accommodating. I thought all of the activities were creative and stimulating. Hearing my daughter tell me that the farmers make the food and the truck brings the food to the grocery store was awesome. She also ate more green vegetables than I could have gotten her to eat at dinner through her visits to the garden. And, she shared some of her songs with us that were just adorable. Thank you for the positive experience!”

“This is an invaluable experience for my children, who come from a large urban area. Seeing the interconnected-ness of fields, forests, plants, and animal life is so eye-opening for them, and learning that they can be responsible stewards of this interconnected-ness is the amazing lesson of this camp.”

Robin Turnau

Posted by Robin Turnau

September 30, 2018

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