Welcome to Our Farm Blog!

Welcome to Shelburne Farms’ new blog! We’re so excited to be launching this new way to connect with you and share with you all the work that we do.

We’re often being asked, “What is Shelburne Farms?” or hearing, “I never knew Shelburne Farms did that!” And it’s true, the Farm can sometimes seem like the proverbial elephant touched by many sightless hands: grasping the tail, you may know the elephant as one thing; tugging the ear, it’s another; or patting the skin, something else.

Shelburne Farms is many things. We’re a farm, education center, and historic property; a beautiful inn, and a place where entire families can milk a cow (but not at the same time!). And that’s just the beginning.

But above all, Shelburne Farms is an organization dedicated to educating for a sustainable future. It’s that simple. All of our educational programs work towards building a better world and even our enterprises serve a dual purpose: production and education.

However you know and enjoy the Farm, this blog will introduce you to other parts of the “elephant,” (aka our farm) and help you see that elephant as a whole: trumpeting (er, educating) for a sustainable future. Together, we’ll explore some of the big ideas of sustainability: the cornerstones to teaching and learning about how to live better on this planet, and with each other. We hope you’ll feel inspired, intrigued, or even have an “aha” moment or two (or three).

Come back often as we embark on this journey together. You’ll hear from different voices around the Farm, and from some of our many partners with whom we do this critical work. Let us know what you think, and what you’d like to hear about – this is a two-way dialogue! Thanks for being a part of the Farm.

And we’re off!

Posted by Holly Brough

September 12, 2014

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