With Gratitude from our Staff

In a year that has truly showcased the value of community, we are so grateful for ours. Thank you for being a part of Shelburne Farms. You’ve been there for us, for each other, and for the common good, as we pursue a more just and sustainable future together. Here are a few messages of gratitude from our staff.

“Almost every day, people who walk and shop here stop to tell me how thankful they are that the farm has been open during this time. I want to pass that gratitude right back to them! Our community makes Shelburne Farms the great organization that it is, and I love being at the front of the house to say hello.”

— Dave Jonah
Manager, Farm Store & Welcome Center


“The educators and young people we work with want to change the status quo – the world as we have known it. They want to fight environmental and social injustice, and they need support and encouragement. I am grateful we can nurture this desire for change by providing inspiring programs, moments of joy and connection, and the time to dream a better future together.”

— Jen Cirillo
Director of Professional Learning


“This year especially, I’m thankful to be working with my team to make cheeses for people in our community and beyond to enjoy. We’re all looking forward to the time when we can open the Hub doors to visitors again, and share our work with the smiling faces behind the make room windows!”

— Helen Cowan
Head Cheesemaker


“Schools, teachers, and students are tackling the impossible every day during COVID-19 — creating meaningful learning that meets the needs of each individual and moves us all toward the vision of a shared just and sustainable future. As a member of the Shelburne Farms education team, I am deeply grateful to be able to support this work: nurturing transformation, hope, resilience, and creativity in our education system.”

— Aimee Arandia Østensen
Professional  Learning Facilitator


“I am thankful to ALL the dedicated staff who have risen to the challenge of these pandemic times. Whether working quietly, sometimes invisibly, from home, working in isolated teams on site, or stepping into whatever role is needed with a smile, their resilience and their commitment to the Farm’s mission has been inspiring. I am more aware than ever how much we rely on each other — and that is at the heart of Shelburne Farms.”

— Megan Camp
Vice President & Director of Programs


“With all the uncertainty this year has brought, I am grateful to be able to witness the certainty that comes with milking the cows twice a day every day, grazing the land spring to fall, and the hope and promise that comes every time a new calf is born.”

— Maureen (Mo) Whitney
Assistant Herdsman and Calf Manager


“2020 has brought mountains of challenges but a whole lot of opportunities for learning. As we’ve moved programming to the virtual world, we’ve been able to stay connected with educators both locally and from far away. And at a time when we’re all realizing the tremendous value of early childhood education, I am grateful to all the educators and community members so committed to this work.”

— Jed Norris (pictured with son Milo)
Early Childhood Program Coordinator


“This year I shifted from being an educator to welcoming visitors to our curbside store and trails (a different kind of educating!) In addition to a huge appreciation for my coworkers who have adapted to and mastered this new model, I am thankful for all of the people I meet and talk with every day — community friends, members, and first-time visitors. They have embraced our change in this very different season, supported local food systems at our store, shared their love for Shelburne Farms, and chosen to support this organization.”

—Susie Marchand
Agricultural Education Coordinator


“I am so thankful to be part of a team that was able to offer this year’s long-term guests a place to escape the stress of these times and to simply enjoy being with their loved ones. Although face-to-face interactions were limited due to health guidelines, the gratitude that poured from our cottage guests was overwhelming. But while they thank me, this beautiful place would not be possible without our donors. I am grateful.”

— Abby Draper
Assistant Inn Director


“I am grateful for all the support that has helped to keep the walking trails and farm available to our community this year. Although we were not able to gather for community events this season, it has been wonderful to see so many people enjoying Shelburne Farms.”

— Tre McCarney (assisting with food prep at the Inn)
Director of Community Programs


The Shelburne Farms family is a beautiful family. Happy Holidays to you all! My family and I are grateful to you for the gift of Education that sustains and heals the Earth. Sincerely, Jacques-Paul Marton

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