Yestermorrow Design/Build Partnership

Our partnership with Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, Vermont goes back  20 years! Over that time, their students have helped us envision and improve various educational spaces on the Farm, while they learn the skills of design/build. Their projects have always used lumber harvested from the Farm to showcase and embrace the value of this working farm and forest landscape. Here’s a visual tour of the structures their students have built for us over the years.

This shelter at Chimney Point, which lies just south of the Inn, was the first structure that Yestermorrow built for us back in 1993! It is still very much in use.  This summer, it hosted educators for a session during our Education for Sustainability Summer Institute. (photo: Andy Duback)

Their next project, built c.1995, was this fire circle structure and outdoor kitchen structure for our overnight camp, Beyond the Barn. These facilities have hosted many a summer campfire and meal since, giving campers time for fun, reflection, and comraderie. 

Our pond and its resident critters became newly accessible to students here for school programs after Yestermorrow installed a platform for “dipping stations” in 1997. Given the use the platform has received and the wet environment it is in, it’s now due for some repair.

In 2006, Yestermorrow’s constructed what we call the “Writer’s Cabin.” Originally conceived as an artist’s retreat, it has been used by school field trips as a winter haven, and in the summer by visiting educators.

In 2010, Yestermorrow constructed this Farm Cart, which we used at the Shelburne Farmer’s Market for several years, and continue to use at our annual Harvest Festival to showcase our Market Garden produce.

In 2012, they constructed this composting toilet for our Outdoor Classroom, a three-season outdoor space used primarily for our preschool programs and camps.

They followed up the following summer with these composting toilets at the Market Garden in 2013. It makes the gardens an improved campus for learning for summer camps and educators both.

And this summer’s project: a new outdoor classroom near the fire circle structure. Thanks to the Yestermorrow team pictured here for all their work on the project, and for the beautiful result!

Posted by Holly Brough

August 21, 2018

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