A colorful collage of photos of fruits and vegetables arranged in a rainbow formation hangs on a schoolroom wall

An integrated unit of study for kindergarten

Food Foundations is a hands-on unit of study which aims to increase awareness of and encourage healthy food choices by offering each student opportunities to develop his or her own scientific and culinary curiosity. The lessons integrate learning, introduce students to the healthful benefits of eating well, develop basic cooking skills and cultivate scientific habits of mind while discovering a diversity of foods. Creating a comprehensive beginner’s guide to the universally engaging topic of food, this unit can act as an important foundation for a lifetime of food exploration and fun. Developed in collaboration with the teachers, students, and community partners at Lawrence Barnes Elementary School in Burlington, Vermont.

  • Lesson One: Fab Five Food Groups
  • Lesson Two: Great Grains
  • Lesson Three: Variety of Veggies
  • Lesson Four: Fantastic Fruit
  • Lesson Five: Milk, Cows and Me
  • Lesson Six: Protein Power
  • Lesson Seven: Balancing Act

Please note: This resource will be updated in 2024.

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