Learning Locally Transforming Globally guide cover

A project guide for educators and youth to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Locally, Transforming Globally lays out a framework that encourages learners to be co-participants in creating a more healthy and just planet, starting in their place. The guide pairs an Education for Sustainability-focused approach with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint toward sustainability with targets for economic, social, and ecological systems improvement.

This guide is designed for use by K-12 educators in both formal and informal education settings in any place or context. Activities in this guide have been adapted for learners from China, the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Nigeria, Ukraine, and the United States. 

What you’ll find in this guide

  • Walk through the steps to implement a place-based project with youth
  • Draw inspiration from real examples of projects around the world
  • Discover activities to incorporate sustainability into your curriculum in standards-aligned ways 
  • Engage learners in exploring their community, making change, and taking action on a local or regional level
  • Support youth to develop the sense of agency they will need to tackle the challenges we face as a global community

This guide is an update to our publication, Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Kids.

Download the student workbook as a separate PDF.

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