Meet our Farmyard Animals!

There’s so much to learn about animals commonly found on a farm. Meet all of our Children’s Farmyard animals here, and learn a bit about how they live, and how they contribute to our Farm.

Chickens:  We have a variety of chicken breeds, including Black Copper Marans which are pictured here. They can typically be found foraging, sunbathing, and dirt bathing near the Farm Barn.

Horses: Tess (in front) is a Belgian draft horse and Georgia is a Georgian Grande.  Draft horses are strong enough to do the same work as many machines!

Dairy Goats: Yaya, Honeybee, and Magpie are Nubian goats, which have long, floppy ears. Can you pick them out in this photo? Zola and Raisin are our alpine goats. Find out more about what (and how), they’re eating

Dairy Cows: We milk a herd of Brown Swiss dairy cows twice a day, and make cheddar cheese from their milk. The milking herd is often out on pasture grazing and can frequently be seen from the walking trails. Due to COVID, the all barns are closed to visitors at this time.

Heifers: These yearling cows (and future milk makers) rotate around the farm to keep our pastures healthy and nutritious. They are always on the move so you never know where you will see them next. Keep an eye out for them from our trails.

Beef Cows: Did you know that Shelburne Farms also raises beef cows? These Red Angus and Brown Swiss crosses are redder in color than the Brown Swiss cows. See if you can spot any in the pastures on the farm.

Sheep: Look out for our production sheep flock that provides us with meat and wool.  Like the cows and heifers, they are rotationally grazed across the land. You will also find a small flock of education sheep on pasture behind the Farm Barn. 

Turkeys: Our turkey poults (young turkeys) are hatching in May.  They are a combination of 3 heritage breeds: Royal Palm, Narragansett, and Standard Bronze. They will move to the Farmyard in late June once their immune systems are strong and they no longer need their heat lamp.

Rabbits: You can find Willow, our English Angora rabbit, in her outdoor hutch on pleasant days. Check out her long, soft hair that can be spun into yarn! 

Fanta, the cat!  Fanta is both a staff house cat and our Farmyard mouser. You may spot her hunting voles and mice in the animal pastures, sharpening her claws on the wooden fencing, or just casually walking by as she heads home for a drink of water and a nap.

Mobile Chicken Coop: The mobile coop is home to a flock of Golden Comet hybrid pullets (young hens) who will eventually join our production flock. The eggs from our production flock are sold in our Farm Store.  Hens begin to lay eggs at around 6 months old!