Energy Update, June 2017

Making energy strides

Decisions at the national level are not slowing our fight against climate change. For us, a lot of that fight is through education. But as community members and stewards of this campus for learning about sustainability, we’re also taking concrete steps towards renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Construction in the solar orchard

We’re expanding our solar orchard

Construction is already underway to install a new set of solar panels at the solar orchard near the Coach Barn. When completed later this summer, the panels will double the orchard’s energy output, bringing the total to 380,000 kWh of electricity a year. That’s enough to power 35 homes. Through a cooperative agreement, Farm Solar LCC (a private investor), is building and will own the new orchard. We’ll purchase the generated electricity at a discount. It’s a win-win for socially and environmentally conscious investors and for us. With the new solar orchard, the Farm will be producing about 70% of our electricity use onsite.

New solar panels under construction

We’re making efficiency upgrades to the Farm Barn

We’re partnering with Efficiency Vermont to plan a “Deep Retrofit” incentive project to cut the Farm Barn’s energy use in half. The project will focus on insulating the north wall of the 5,000 ft2 building, among other efficiency improvements. We’re excited to tackle energy efficiency upgrades within the context of this historic structure. There may be lessons to share with others who live or work in historic buildings.

Regardless of the political winds at the national and international level, we are doing our part to meet the goal of Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan: 90% renewable by 2050.

Your support helps us get there.

The north wall of the Farm Barn will be the focus of efficiency improvements

Vermont Energy Action Network

As partners in the Vermont Energy Action Network, we’re excited to share their new Community Energy Dashboard. Check it out to find ways you can make your home and community more efficient. You can also share what you’re doing – to inspire others.


That solar orchard looks so beautiful. We create habitat for pollinators in solar fields and that would be an ideal spot. Mike Kiernan Bee the Change

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