Thank you to our Community - We Met the Challenge!

In these difficult times, we’ve seen our community come together again and again. We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we met the Robert W. Wilson Challenge for Shelburne Farms!

More than 1,900 donors from 39 states and five countries stepped up to help meet the challenge. We are so grateful to them and to you for cultivating learning for a sustainable future and helping to create positive change around the world.

We appreciate the support of our members and community as we continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, even as we look to the days and months ahead with renewed hope.


My most popular Christmas gift is your cheese. It's fabulous and I'm especially fond of your Tractor Cheese". Carol in your order department is lovely and makes placing orders easy and fun and they are again and again accurate. Thank you Carol and happy 2021 to everyone at Shelburne Farms.. Becky
I am so pleased that you met the donation goal that you were working toward. It was a pleasure to meet the members of your community through the video. THANK-YOU for sending it, and for being a very positive light to navigate toward during the past tumultuous months. I purchased a quantity of mail order breakfasts for family members during the holidays, and they were exuberantly received. Last summer I had hoped to plan a large anniversary dinner for family members, as I had the summer before, but, alas, the pandemic altered that plan. I am hoping to try again this summer if our country has dealt decisively with the problem, and travel is once again safe.
Who did the music in the video? Really nice. Perfect for Shelburne Farms.
Hi Tom, Glad you enjoyed the video! The music in the show is "Nowhere to Hide," by Daniel Robinson. It was downloaded from a subscription-based, royalty free music site, but I just found it on YouTube!

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