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Rethinking Equity in the Outdoors

An earlier version of this talk was given at the Green Schools Educators Summit in February 2021 to a group of educators considering this topic. It preceded presentations by three practitioners in the field who spoke to the current research on the impact of nature experiences on well-being and academic achievement, creating school-wide change, and enacting the topic through the curriculum. 

Aimee Østensen

Posted by Aimee Arandia Østensen

April 14, 2021

Waking Up Gently: Using the Natural Landscape as a Post-Winter Guide

In partnership with UVM Tarrant Institute, we’re going to explore how educators can— along with their students —incorporate exploration of the rhythms of the natural world here in Vermont as a backbone for meaningful personalized learning.

As the world wakes up around us, what can we learn from it about managing our own emotional and mental situations as learners?

How can we use natural observation to help our students design meaningful learning opportunities outside of school?

De-Colonizing Place-Based Education - 2nd session added!

Engage with us to question and unsettle our notions of place, colonization, and identity together as we strive to decolonize our teaching practices. How do we experience and perpetuate colonization in our classrooms? What is the nature of our relationship to place as individuals and communities? Together we’ll tease apart, examine and begin to reconstruct what place-based education is and can be. This 1.5 hour workshop is designed for K-12 educators with some familiarity with place-based education.


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