Educating, informing, and inspiring action to address climate change

Informal educators do so much already in the area of climate change education. So, how do we support one another’s work, improve our practices, and above all, enhance our collective impact? That is the role of the Northeast Climate Change Education Collaborative.

We first came together in 2018 as a community of educators from 21 organizations across the northeast states representing nonprofits; higher education institutions; and state and federal government agencies. 

Today, we are 80+ organizations, organized to make systems-level change for climate action, justice and education in public education; educator professional learning; early childhood education; middle and high school education; connected learning ecosystems; and supporting youth climate action.

Our Work


  • To increase our collective effectiveness with climate change education across the northeast region at the organizational and individual levels.
  • To engage the public in understanding and addressing climate change and climate justice.


  • Collaborate on new and joint climate change education efforts
  • Build capacity through professional learning
  • Network and share experiences and opportunities
  • Advocate for climate change education policy

Partner Organizations of the Collaborative

The Collaborative is a partnership of the following organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies. Each of their contributions is critical to the Collaborative’s ongoing success and impact.

See a map of our members’ locations across the Northeast.