Climate Resiliency Fellowship

  • Climate Resiliency Fellowship Summer Gathering (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • Climate Resiliency Fellowship Summer Gathering (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • Climate Resiliency Fellowship Summer Gathering (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • Climate Resiliency Fellowship Fall Gathering (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • Climate Resiliency Fellowship Fall Gathering (Courtney Ley Photography)
  • Climate Resiliency Fellowship Fall Gathering (Courtney Ley Photography)

The Climate Resiliency Fellowship is a year-long professional learning opportunity for educators  committed to learning and teaching about climate change through interdisciplinary and place-based approaches. Educators may apply to attend as either individual participants or school teams of 2-4 and work together to design and implement interdisciplinary climate change education and service learning projects back at school. The Fellowship is primarily suited for educators working with students in grades 6-12 and educators in non-profit organizations.

We’ll work together to create authentic service learning projects that are shaped by youth interest and voice. During our seasonal sessions and check-ins we use new lenses to explore climate change education through arts integration, STEM learning, and solutions-based approaches. Individual participants and teams are supported throughout the year by the network of educators, program facilitators, and regional partners. This program kicks off in July with a summer gathering and culminates with a spring celebration in April.

Fellowship Calendar:

Summer Gathering at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne, Vermont : July 

The summer gathering provides a variety of foundational content on climate change and climate change education accessible to teachers of all subjects presented through diverse pedagogy.  Educators who wish to delve deeper into specific learning areas can do so during choice sessions. The summer gathering emphasizes hands-on learning and practice, time for reflection and integration, and planning sessions for educators to share and work collaboratively on their action plan.  There will also be opportunities to spend time outdoors in the forest and farm land bordering Lake Champlain here at Shelburne Farms along with good food, music, and self care.

Off Site Regional Fall Gathering: November  (Location TBD)

The fall gathering builds on content knowledge and action plans created at the summer gathering with the opportunity for peer feedback.  

Winter Virtual Check In: January 

An online virtual check in occurs over the winter months to address emergent needs and questions and offer support in implementation of classroom lessons and service learning projects.  

Spring Culminating Gathering: April  (Location TBD)  

A culminating spring gathering will be scheduled with the input of the participants for April.  We will reconvene to celebrate our efforts and share our successes with climate change education and our service learning action projects.   

Course Goals:

Participating Educators (individuals or teacher teams) will:

  • Build content knowledge, pedagogy practice, and collaboration for interdisciplinary climate change education in schools across Northern New England.
  • Plan and implement a climate action-focused service learning project involving student voice.
  • Participate in seasonal, in-person, and virtual gatherings held throughout school year.
  • Develop a community of learners that support, sustain, and advance the practices and pedagogies of climate change education.

Example Assignments may include:

  • Action Plans
  • Participate in Consultancy Protocol
  • Participate in Virtual Check In Discussion
  • Reflective Writing Pieces
  • Contribute to Collective Resources via Annotated Bibliography
  • Final Share Out and Presentation

Graduate Credit: Available through Castleton University at an additional cost. 

Registration Details:  The Climate Resiliency Fellowship is currently being planned for the 2022-2023 academic year.

We encourage you to submit an interest form to hear about the next cohort of the fellowship, beginning summer 2022.

For questions or inquiries about the Climate Resiliency Fellowship please contact Aimee Arandia Østensen at [email protected].

Climate Resiliency Fellowship - 2017-2018 from Courtney Ley Photography.