Forest for Every Classroom: Learning to Make Choices for the Future

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  • FFEC Curriculum Development Workshop

“A Forest for Every Classroom turns your community into a classroom and helps nest curriculum in the wisdom of the living, breathing, ecological systems.” ~ Steve Glazer, Director of Poetics of Place and author.

A Forest for Every Classroom: Learning to Make Choices for the Future (FFEC), is an award-winning professional development program for K-12 teachers of all disciplines, offering stimulating, thought-provoking experiences designed to refresh your mind and passion for teaching! Across habitats and through the seasons, educators learn how to “read”–and teach–in the landscapes of Vermont from some of the best education and natural resource professionals in the state. They explore how using place-based learning and education for sustainability make the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards both more practical and meaningful. See the full schedule for the 2015-16 program.
FFEC is based on an approach to teaching and learning called place-based education (PBE). PBE helps students learn about and connect to their place through real-world field experiences and on-going classroom work. Over the course of the year, participants will integrate hands-on natural and cultural explorations into curriculum to address concepts in ecology, sense of place, stewardship, and civics. At the heart of FFEC is the belief that students who are immersed in the interdisciplinary study of their place will be more eager to learn about and be involved in the stewardship of their communities and surrounding lands. Educators may earn up to five graduate credits from Castelton State College for the successful completion of the Forest for Every Classroom program. This program is offered in partnership with with Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, Green Mountain National Forest, and the Stewardship Institute.
TO APPLY: Applications  are now closed.   A Forest for Every Classroom is offered in alternating years with A Watershed for Every Classroom (through partnership with the Champlain Basin Education Initiative - CBEI). 

“This program elevated my teaching to a whole new level. It was enormously educational and inspirational; and at the same time, lots of fun. One of the most unique and valuable features of FFEC is the opportunity for learning and networking with other teachers never ends. FFEC feels like a group of friends working together to fulfill their common passion for place-based education.” ~ Lindsay Putnam, Marion Cross School

“After ten years teaching sixth grade in Pomfret, Vermont, I knew I could do better. I took to heart the adage, “It’s not so important what the teacher does, what is important is what the student does.”Still, while my teaching incorporated a host of “hands-on” units, the amount of time children were engaged in truly authentic learning was sporadic. I was ripe for change when a flyer came my way advertising A Forest For Every Classroom (FFEC) - a teacher development course sponsored by Shelburne Farms, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park, the National Wildlife Foundation, Conservation Study Institute and the Green Mountain National Forest. Most of us can point to some chance meeting that changes us. This was such an event for me. I knew it was time to relearn, and teach, the values of wind, water, soil, and sun. In short, FFEC moved me to really do so.” ~ Rob Hanson, The Pomfret School