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Memorial and Honorary Gifts

In 2023, the following people made gifts to Shelburne Farms in memory of a loved one, or to honor a living person, often on the occasion of a special birthday, wedding, or holiday. If you would like to recognize someone in this way, please indicate that on your online donation or include a note with a mailed check.  We'll send notification to the recipient or family members telling them of your thoughtful memorial or honorary gift.  Gifts made in 2024 will be listed at the conclusion of the year. 

Memorial and Honorary Gifts 2023

Memorial Gifts are directly below, including Gifts in Memory of Marshall Webb.  Honorary Gifts follow. 

Gifts in Memory

by Anonymous

Lissa Bogner 
by Tim & Teresa Anderson
by Emmy Charron
by Susan Christy
by Michael Colburn & Mary Esther Treat
by Sam & Anne Dixon
by Bill Grabe & Fredricka Stoller
by Neil Groberg
by Linda Hartmann
by Lisa Oden
by Elizabeth Searles
by Deborah & Alan Sliz-Yandow
by Elizabeth Stetson
by Carol Wellings
by Linda Wellings
by Wood Stone Corporation

Robert & Jackie Bohn 
by David & Suzanne Bohn

John & Amande Boisvert 
by Jane Boisvert & Dana Twitchell

Nick Carmolli 
by Diane Carmolli

Virginia Davis 
by Maggie Mangham

Jay Flickinger 
by Judith Boyd

John & Laurel Fosness 
by Connell & Nancy Gallagher

Walter Glaser 
by Walt Glaser & Teri Caulin-Glaser

Sara Grayson 
by Reid & Jane Grayson

Harold & Beatrice Greene 
by Anonymous

John Griffin 
by Graydon & Pamela Topping

Katie Harnett 
by Carolyn Bates

Kate Harris 
by Janie & Antreas Ghazarossian
by Linestone

Alfred Hoadley 
by Anonymous

Duncan Jenks 
by Eleanor Jenks

Trevor Kennedy 
by Karen Kennedy

Elizabeth Kilduff 
by Anonymous

John King 
by John Ives & Geri Amori
by Sheri & Richard Larsen
by John & Annette Lease
by Elliot Perlman

Richard Allen Kitchens 
by Faye & Tony Raucci

Alfred & Frieda Kloeckner 
by Ann Kloeckner

Chris Lamm 
by Marilyn Pearce

Jack Lazor 
by Green State Biochar

Susan Little 
by Thomas Little

Ellin London 
by The Ellin N. London 2009 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
by The Ruth M. Knight Foundation
Garrit Mace 
by Joan & Helmut Lenes
by Jane Mekkelsen
by Alfred & Maggie Rosa
by Diane & Jeff Rosenfeld
by Josh Rosenfeld
by Jeff & Rhonda Solomon

Robert Maddison 
by Francois Coffinieres
by Brian Coles
by James DeFrank
by Jonathan Fernald
by Mark Johnson
by Colette & David LaChance
by Sheila Mereddy
by Justin & Valarie Seger
by Wayne & Dorothea Wilkinson
by Jonie Yu

Michael Mahan 
by Anonymous

Bonnie Martin 
by Anonymous

Sadie Mauro 
by Colleen Barisano
by Aaron Barton
by Tristan Cooke & Deidre Durling
by Kate & Chris Danforth
by Pat Doherty-Schaffner
by Halina & Matt Dooley
by Kim & Dan Fodor
by Alison Gilbert & Pete Foytho
by Mia Graham Beer & Jeff Beer
by Tim Guiterman & Kirsten Cox
by Johnine Hoehn & Roman Vogel
by Mim Horne
by Claire & Kevin Kavanagh
by Quinn Longbothum & Greg Noyes
by John & Anne Marcoe
by Marisa Mauro
by Jeanne McCormack
by Brian & Maggie Mital
by Kathleen & Carl Mitchell
by Erika Monaghan
by Glenn Patterson & Jake Rutter
by Chris Pearson & Lacey Richards
by Beth Quarles
by Elena Ramirez
by Matt & Amy Riley
by Matt & Amy Sayre
by Kathleen Schaffner Clarke & Charles Clarke
by Megan & Todd Stoessell
by Betty Sullivan
by Andy Vota & Cara Chinchar
by Jordan Weiner
by Jeff & Elzy Wick

J. Warren McClure 
by Cap Coyle

Jean Mel 
by John Brennan

Michael Minchak
by Raymond & Jeanne Minchak
by Mark O'Berski

Edna Newhall 
by Neil Eklund
by Ann Hall
by Gail Manning
by Rebecca Newhall
by Susanne Wernecke

Janeen Nicolino 
by Marcia Patterson & Judith Gray

Emma Nilan 
by Joan & Helmut Lenes
by Judith Raven & Lee Suskin

Darlene Noble 
by Loran & Max Saito

Rita Pomerleau 
by Pomerleau Family Foundation

Leslie Raths 
by James Raths

Bridget Rozek 
by David & Dale Rozek

Hu Sangree 
by Andrew & Mary Meyer

Isabelle Bene 
by Mary Bene

Suzanne Sheffield 
by Cathy & Mike Sheffield
by John Sheffield
by Peter Sheffield

David Sheldon 
by Fred Sheldon & Donna Holmberg
by James Sligar & Diana Sattelberger

Ed & May Steen 
by Gerry & Dennis Spink

Ernest & Ellen St. George 
by Jim & Ruth St George

Martin Tierney 
by Nancy & Howard Stalnaker

Harriet Towne 
by Robert Towne & Stacy Rappleyea

John Traexler 
by Peggy Kane

Tommy Vigorita 
by Anonymous

Buffy Wachs 
by Katrin Wachs

Doug Walker 
by Michael & Cynthia Seligmann

Steve Waltien 
by Lynda Waltien

Aileen Osborn Webb 
by Louise Riemer

Lois & W. Osborn Webb 
by Louise Riemer

Frank H. White 
by Jonathan & Sage Belber

Treat Williams 
by Alec & Mary Gerster

Dan Wilson 
by Carol Shiner Wilson

Enid Wonnacott 
by Don Woodruff

Pat Young 
by Leslie Young

Gifts in Memory of Marshall Webb

Anonymous (5)
Abra Prentice Foundation
Bruce & Veronica Bennett
Arch & Laura Brown
Leonard Bull & Sharon Valentine
Laurie Burke
Rod Carr
Sandy & Jim Carter
Prince Chambliss
Erica Curry
Thomas Daniels & Amy Moreno
Birgit Deeds
Mark Ellenbogen
Mary Lou & Kevin Fitzgerald
Frank & Christine Galipeau
Frederica Gamble
Laurie Goldberg
Norman Goldberg & Putzi Hirschberg
John & Claire Griffin
Hugh & Shana Griffiths
Christian Havemeyer
Gail Henderson-King & Dan King
Steve Ingraham
Jane's Trust Foundation
Steve & Paula Johnson
Dudley Ladd
Maggie Laun
Nancy Laun
Howie Mann
Joseph & Caren McVicker
Melinda & Richard Moulton
Jessica & Barry Neville
Bob Phillips
Cor& Lexi Reese
Adam Scherr
Jacob Scherr & Carole Dickert-Scherr
Lindsay Scherr
Brian & Jane Silvestro
Sarah Soule
Ali Stevens
Mary-Jo Warren
Alec Webb & Megan Camp
Molly Webb & Paul Lawrence
Sewall Whittemore

Gifts in Honor

James Andrew 
by Ari Sadri & Mary Zimmer

Macy Baker 
by Ted & Therese Baker

Andy Barker 
by Edward Barker
by L. Diana Carlisle

Fred Bay 
by Bill & Nancy Polk

Arthur, Michalina, & Sarah Bliss 
by Eleanor Bliss

Eleanor Bliss 
by Sarah Bliss

Sylvan Boggs 
by Lauren Silvers

Sheila Browning 
by Claire Stodola

Emily & Peter Camardo 
by Cheryl Camardo

Megan Camp 
by Jonathan & Sage Belber

The Cassiday Family
by Anonymous

Jennifer Cirillo, Emily Hoyler, Simon Jorgenson, and Aimee Østensen 
by Susan Golden

Harper Corr 
by Thomas Corr

Judith & James Corr 
by Thomas Corr

Michael & Mary Darling 
by Jeff & Elizabeth Pash

Catherine DeHond 
by Bruce Clemens

Miriam Drew 
by Haley Bruce

Peggy Frost 
by Lexi Frost

Kenneth Fuirst 
by Jewish Communal Fund

Frederica Gamble 
by Melissa Joachim & Lisa Goldman

Steve Garcia 
by Jackson & Marissa Strayer-Benton

Ted Grozier 
by Good Lab

Jo Herstand 
by Sarah Myers

John King 
by John & Annette Lease

Barbara Leaf 
by Steve & Ruth McGehee

Jeff Mandelbaum & Lucero Quiroga 
by Ken & Susie Mandelbaum

Ken & Susie Mandelbaum 
by Gordon Keil

Susie Mandelbaum 
by Jeffrey Keil

David Marvin 
by Pat Robins & Lisa Schamberg

Edward McGee 
by Patrick McGee

John & Teresa Meyer 
by Matthew & Jessica Meyer

Matthew Meyer 
by Anonymous

Jan Mount 
by Valentine Mount

Catherine Neville 
by Linda Neville

Mark O'Berski 
by Raymond & Jeanne Minchak

Stefan Pierson 
by Michael Knight

Susan Porter 
by Nancy Wheeler

Brooke Redmond 
by Susan Gally

Max Richards 
by Kathleen Baker

Joseph Rosen 
by Sharon Burke

Betsy Rosenbluth 
by Ann & Sandy Rosenbluth

Paul Rude & Anne & Joseph Kennedy 
by Catherine Rude & Mark Kennedy

Elena Salisbury 
by Michele Tulis

Jessica Seinfeld 
by Ellen Sklar

Shelburne Farms Staff 
by Matthew Harrah
by Irwin & Maria Horn
by Hollie Shaner-McRae & Glenn McRae
by David & Beth Shaw

Shelburne Farms Volunteers
by Sandra Conrad

Luke Slauson 
by Lydia & Alex Slauson

Carter Smith & Mack Contento 
by Lindsey Bruett & Christopher Burrage

Charlotte Stetson 
by Mr. H.P. Colhoun

Dov Stucker 
by Hugh Martinez & Linda Harding

by Susan & Joe Barbuto

Victoria Wagner 
by Bill Hughes

Django Wallace 
by Thomas Corr

Heidi Webb 
by Nathaniel Caldwell

The Webb Family 
by Mr. & Mrs. David Lee

Carol Wellings 
by Janet Kiefer

Lynn Zipf 
by Caroline Archibald