Marshall Webb taking a photo in the woods

Marshall Woods

Marshall Woods will celebrate Marshall Webb’s lifetime of turning “vision” into “action” and to further his legacy of protecting this special place and our planet.  With your support, Marshall Woods will be planted in Spring 2024 and will be a focal point of the transformation now underway at Shelburne Farms to become Net Zero by 2028 and to advance Climate Action Education.

Marshall Webb

Marshall Webb Climate Action Fund

A co-founder of the nonprofit at Shelburne Farms, Marshall Webb worked for five decades at the farm until his untimely passing in 2022. Read about Marshall’s life. He was a passionate believer in the mission of Shelburne Farms, cherished its woodlands and trails, and led efforts towards achieving the goal of carbon negative status by 2028. The Marshall Webb Climate Action Fund will help Shelburne Farms achieve that goal.

Kids in the Children's Farmyard

Accessibility & Scholarship Fund

We never want finances to be a barrier for a child, family, or adult to enroll in our programs.  This Fund helps ensure all students have the opportunity to enjoy our camps, field trips, workshops, and other programs, and we are grateful for the many supporters who make special gifts to this Fund.

Cows grazing

Endowment Fund

An educational organization and historic property as extensive and complex as Shelburne Farms needs a significant endowment to assure its long-term sustainability.  Shelburne Farms current endowment is undersized for an organization with a $12M budget, and the endowment generates just 3% of the nonprofit’s annual operating revenue. Growing our endowment is critical to the Farm’s continued success. By making a special gift to the Endowment Fund, you ensure the continued success of Shelburne Farms and all of our programs educating for a sustainable future, now and for generations to come.  Thank you! 

Burlington City and Lake students

Burlington City & Lake

Burlington City & Lake is powerful place-based learning that empowers high school students as citizens and community members. Shelburne Farms is the lead community partner in this innovative semester-long program because we believe in the power of transformative education to create a sustainable future. Please help us reach our annual $100,000 goal for this project by donating today. Thank you!


Ayiti Konsè Vèt (AKV) "Keep Haiti Green"

Make a gift in support of Ayiti Konsè Vèt (AKV), Haitian kreyol for “Keep Haiti Green.” AKV is a partner project of Shelburne Farms, with the shared goal of strengthening global networks to support agricultural literacy and sustainability education.