Alex Nalbach and Marc Vincent

Marc Vincent and Alex Nalbach, Shelburne VT

I first visited in 1994, and my love for Shelburne Farms continues unabated to this day. My husband Alex and I cherish its educational mission and pastoral beauty. The trails, which lead one through carefully tended fields and forests, are a testament to the dedicated staff, and make Shelburne Farms such a treasure.

Marc and Alex have made a special gift in 2024 to help ensure Shelburne Farms remains open and accessible to all.

Scott Shumway and Kim Hazelrigg

Scott Shumway and Kim Hazelrigg, Hinesburg VT

Shelburne Farms is a gem in the community and it's a gift to walk the grounds and enjoy the Inn and gardens and share the value of sustainability, ecology, sound environmental practices, architecture and natural beauty with all our friends and neighbors.


Tocher and Brenda Mitchell

Tocher and Brenda Mitchell, South Burlington, VT

A few years ago we considered leaving Vermont for warmer climes. We ultimately decided not to, and our love for Shelburne Farms and its mission was one of the main reasons. We've walked the trails 100s of times and never tire of the beauty and the views, no matter the weather or the time of year.  It's a salve to our spirits, and we are avid supporters.

Judy Raven and Lee Suskin

Judy Raven and Lee Suskin, Shelburne VT

Shelburne Farms embodies the values we care about most: protecting the environment and meeting the challenge of the climate crisis, as well as preparing teachers and students to become valiant stewards of the land. For many years, the farm has also been a personal oasis of spiritual renewal for us. We walk the trails in all seasons and always find refreshment and renewal. We contributed again this year using a Qualified Charitable Distribution from our IRA accounts, reducing our taxable income while hopefully helping Shelburne Farms to thrive for many generations.

Gabrielle Beaudoin and Sebastien Savoie

Gabrielle Beaudoin and Sebastien Savoie, Saint Hubert, Quebec

When we first came to Shelburne Farms, we were amazed by it's stunning beauty and it's commitment in the community.  By being stewards, we wish to preserve it and share it with as many people as possible in Vermont and internationally. 

Kathy and David Leo-Nyquist on the walking trail

Kathy and David Leo-Nyquist, Shelburne VT

Kathy and David Leo-Nyquist walk at the farm several times a week year-round, in all kinds of weather. They moved to Shelburne in the mid 90s and loved visiting the farm with their small children. "In our work as educators, we brought student teachers on field trips and to other educational offerings at Shelburne Farms. Those experiences were transformational for them, and in turn had a positive impact on their students who are the future stewards of our state and beyond. Shelburne Farms is an amazing place and we believe deeply in the education mission and dedication to sustainability. We are proud supporters." 


The Mitiguys

Jane Mitiguy, Nancy Mitiguy, and Mary Mitiguy Miller

We are making a gift to Shelburne Farms in memory of our mom and dad (Harriet and Harry Mitiguy) who were supportive of the path the Webb family took to preserve the farm, the land, and offer the amazing educational opportunities over the last 50 years to so many people. Mom and dad loved being neighbors and we all have enjoyed being able to support the many remarkable accomplishments over the years. Shelburne Farms is a gem! Thanks for all you have done and will do in the years to come.

Bob Nyden and Cyndy Ainsworth

Bob Nyden and Cyndy Ainsworth, Palo Alto CA

When we first happened upon Shelburne Farms back in 1988, we were immediately enchanted by its beauty—the lakeside setting, the charming woods and pastures, and the respectful preservation and repurposing of an historic remnant of the American Gilded Age. As with any good love affair, we soon came to appreciate deeper strengths behind the beauty—the wonderful people and impressive environmental and education mission. We got firsthand experience through a Pasture-to-Palate residential program in 2000, during which we met the cows (quite literally on their own turf), visited other nearby farms, and made cheese. Then in a Bedrock-to-Birds program in 2004 we enjoyed learning about the natural history of the Farm and the Lake Champlain region.

Our visits to Vermont are infrequent, but from afar we enjoy seeing photos and videos of the endearing animals and the teachers and kids learning and benefiting as the Farm’s programs continue to develop in scope and sophistication. We find that our support for Shelburne Farms is the most rewarding charitable giving we do. And, by donating directly from IRA accounts, we avoid some income tax on required IRS retirement distributions.

Anna Muoio and Zeke Brown

Anna Muoio and Zeke Brown, Arlington MA

Shelburne Farms holds a special place in our lives. We were married in the coach barn and returned recently for our anniversary. We were struck then and now by the power of the place for impactful gatherings, not only for occasions like ours but for the Farms’ education and mission work with young learners and educators.

The Farms’ mission and collaborative, systems-thinking approach to change-making align with our own commitments to drive social change. We know that the intractable problems of our time are interwoven and complex and require collective wisdom and collaboration across disciplines. Shelburne Farms’ expertise at leveraging partnerships and networks has distinguished the organization in the region and within the global community. We are very happy to support this incredibly important and impactful work. We are grateful that Shelburne exists in this world. It is truly an extraordinary place fueled by even more extraordinary people.

Amy & Bouke Noordzij

Amy & Bouke Noordzij, Concord MA

We support Shelburne Farms because we share the Farms’ vision for a just and sustainable world and we strongly believe in their approach through education and collaboration. Access to nutritious, affordable, and healthy food is a philanthropic priority for us and the Farms’ leadership in this area is remarkable. We appreciate the holistic and collaborative design of the programs, the high quality of the technical training, mentoring, and resources, and the efficacy of their work. We have found that Shelburne Farms is a pillar in the region among institutions doing this important work. We also appreciate that the Farm works hard to be inclusive and accessible to everyone, with a deep commitment to reaching diverse audiences.

Woody and Elise Widlund

Woody and Elise Widlund, Shelburne VT

We love and help support Shelburne Farms because of the sustainability education mission and because we can’t imagine it not existing—it’s an amazing place. As we’ve learned more about the Farm’s work with educators, we’ve been even more inspired to support the Farm’s mission. It’s so easy to enjoy the Farm’s beauty, but to know that the Farm is impacting educators around the world and helping them teach students about caring for the environment, now that’s powerful!

Linda Gault Gilbert and daughters

Linda Gault Gilbert, Charlotte VT

Soon after moving to Shelburne from Colorado, we began to explore the wonders of Shelburne Farms with our daughters. Over the years, there were summer camps, horse-drawn sleigh rides, bat classes, concerts, Harvest Fest, family and friend Coach Barn weddings and, always, the sunset over the Adirondacks.  Later, our five grandkids joined in all the Shelburne Farms activities.  

Shelburne Farms is a true treasure for all of us to cherish. When I reached the age required to take distribution from my retirement account, I asked the manager of my IRA to make a distribution directly to Shelburne Farms. It was so easy and saved us from paying income tax on the funds. We hope others will consider this tax-wise strategy for charitable giving.