Special Funds

  • Martin Tierney was a restoration architect who lovingly worked over two decades on many historic rehabilitation projects at Shelburne Farms, starting with opening the Welcome Center in 1986 and Inn in 1987 and followed by major work on the Coach Barn, Farm Barn, and Breeding Barn.  Following his death on December 23, 2020, an anonymous donor made a gift to establish the Martin Tierney Endowment Fund at Shelburne Farms.  Along with additional memorial gifts, the Fund will be used in honor and memory of Martin to help with the continuing restoration and stewardship of the historic buildings at Shelburne Farms, a National Historic Landmark.  

  • Shelburne Farms is grateful to the Trustees of the Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust for the Robert W. Wilson 2020 Challenge for Shelburne Farms.  Thousands of supporters, from 44 states and 5 countries, made gifts totalling $500,000 in new and increased gifts before December 31, 2020, meeting the generous $250,000 challenge! 

  • The Emergency Resiliency Fund was created to support Shelburne Farms during the Coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in one of the greatest financial challenges that the Farm has ever faced.  The crisis has severely impacted all of the Farm’s revenue streams, which resulted in a significant operating shortfall in 2020, and a projected shortfall in 2021.  We are so grateful to the thousands of donors who have made additional gifts during this time to ensure the future of Shelburne Farms.  

  • David Barash served as the Education Director at Shelburne Farms from 1979 to 1985.  Following his death on February 11, 2020, an anonymous donor made a gift to establish the David D. Barash Education Fund.  Along with additional memorial gifts, the Fund will be used in David’s memory and honor to help underwrite opportunities for educators to participate in professional learning programs offered through Shelburne Farms. 

  • We never want finances to be a barrier for a child, family, or adult to enroll in our programs.  This Fund helps ensure all students have the opportunity to enjoy our camps, field trips, workshops, and other programs, and we are grateful for the many supporters who make special gifts to this Fund.

  • An organization the size and complexity of Shelburne Farms needs a significant endowment to assure its long-term sustainability. Your gift is one way to make sure that all you love about Shelburne Farms continues for generations to come.