Memorial and Honorary Gifts

In 2019, the following people made gifts to the Farm in memory of a loved one, or to honor a living person, often on the occasion of a special birthday, wedding, or holiday. If you would like to recognize someone in this way, please indicate that on your online donation or include a note with a mailed check.  We’ll send notification to the recipient or family members telling them of your thoughtful memorial or honorary gift.  

Memorial Gifts are directly below, Honorary Gifts follow. 

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Ann
by Star Stevens

In Memory of William Arms
by Roger & Susan Arms

In Memory of Margie Aske
by Marilyn Roper

In Memory of Anne August
by John & Bonnie Morgan

In Memory of Barbara Beaman
by Linda Wellings

In Memory of Bella
by Anonymous

In Memory of Patricia Ann Yankowski Bidwell
by Donald Bidwell

In Memory of Barbara & Robert Bielenberg
by Kristina Bielenberg

In Memory of John & Armande Boisvert
by Jane Boisvert & Dana Twitchell

In Memory of Marietta & Frank Boyer
by Kimberley Bushnell and Mark Bushnell

In Memory of Bruce Browne
by Claire & Leo Boylan, Donna & Eric Briguet, Christopher Mandracchia, Rhonda Manus and Roy Summer

In Memory of Jesse Browning
by Anonymous

In Memory of Dr. E. William Davis
by Christopher & Susanne Davis

In Memory of Virginia Davis
by Leslie & Larry Williams and Maggie Mangham

In Memory of Kris Djupedal
by Eivind & Gwendolyn Djupedal

In Memory of Copeland Mitchell Draper, III
by Abigail Draper

In Memory of Doug Dunbebin
by Trina Magi

In Memory of Sylvia & Ron Ferry
by Janice & Tom Heilmann

In Memory of Kay Fiorenza
by Pearl Rainey

In Memory of Ken Fishell
by Judy Hettena Wright, Jean & Glenn Ireland, Wendy Smith, Alec Webb & Megan Camp and Carol Wellings

In Memory of Elizabeth FitzGerald
by Michele Abate, Susie & Rob Aike, Susan Angermeier, Eva Breckenridge, Sharman Buckalew, Andrea Bueschel, Barbara Carroll, Sonia Cassani, Edith Cassidy, Deedy & Walton Clark, Hugh Clark, David Conklin, Suzanne Conklin, Charles & Amy Day, Joanne & Frank Dibella, Judith Esterow, Jean Farquhar, Lauren Ferris, Dina & Parke Fitzgerald, Donoson FitzGerald, Elizabeth FitzGerald & Thomas Rettberg, Geraldine FitzGerald, Clohesey & Craig Hale, Joan Hearst, Elizabeth Hirsch, Nina Hopkins, Robert & Diane Kallstrom, Marjorie Kinkead, Kathy Klees, David Lewis, Nancy MacDougall, Catherine Marchesano, Elaine & Barry McCormick, Lauren McKenna Young, Carol McMahon, Judith McMeekin, Margaret Miller, Roger & Lisa Miller, Elizabeth Mooney, Robert Mooney & Margot Gianis, Susan Morrissey, Colleen Olson, Lauck Olson, Aphrodite Pearce, Robert & Paula Pickett, Andrea Richard, Margery Rosenblatt, Christine Schlagheck, Fred & Ann Schmidt, William Sweat, Karen Tubridy, Elizabeth Wacker, Diane Weisburgh, Jean Wilson & John Roberts, Rachel Wiltenburg, Mary Wood and Marie & Alan Young

In Memory of Sally Floyd
by William & Kate Floyd

In Memory of John Gallagher
by Joseph & Kathleen Gallagher

In Memory of Frederica Gamble, Sr.
by Frederica Gamble, Jr.

In Memory of Mary Jane Gentry
by Theresa Hyland & Rick Stoner

In Memory of Eleanor Goodrich
by Karl Schmith & Kara Goodrich

In Memory of Martha Grady
by Melissa Grady & Mark Pearce

In Memory of Sara Grayson
by Shon & Erica Diguglielmo

In Memory of Harold & Beatrice Greene
by Judith Allan

In Memory of Dorothy Hawley
by Linda Wellings

In Memory of Patricia Hilmoe
by Susan Sanford

In Memory of Karen Holmes
by Michael Kelcourse

In Memory of Sue Johanson
by Gordon Johanson

In Memory of JP & Grandmere Dempsey
by Kevin Dempsey

In Memory of Angie Kensinger
by Rick Englert & Richard Taylor

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ketchum
by George Grayson & Maria Tousimis

In Memory of Kevin Kleitz
by Christopher Guido & Allison Daubel

In Memory of Leland Krebs
by Lydia Gnos

In Memory of Lillian Krisko Stimik
by Suzanne Stimik

In Memory of David Landry
by Terry & Steve Taylor

In Memory of Thomas B. Little
by Thomas & Susan Little

In Memory of Ellin London
by J. Dinsmore Adams, Jr., James & Barbara Fox, Sheila Goldbloom, David Jonah & Susan Dixon, Mimi Scully, Nancy & John Steger, Marc & Kimberly Stern and The Ellin N. London 2009 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

In Memory of Michael Mahan
by George & Lois Mahan

In Memory of Sonia Martinez
by Jeff Mandelbaum & Lucero Quiroga

In Memory of Clara McCarney
by Teresa & Mike McCarney

In Memory of Ellen McKnight
by Chris & Tamara Powell

In Memory of Sanders Milens
by Ken & Susie Mandelbaum

In Memory of Ellen Anlafah Gasque Murrie
by Jeffery Murrie

In Memory of Ronald A. Nemcosky
by Radetta Nemcosky

In Memory of William Nold
by Tom & Clara Nold

In Memory of Rick Nurczynski
by Rich & Lynn Nurczynski

In Memory of Alice Outwater
by Susan Davidson, Hank & Josie Kaestner and Kate & Bill Schubart

In Memory of Betsy Parker
by in Ronald Smith

In Memory of John Pat Persons
by Florence Persons

In Memory of Leslie Raths
by James Raths

In Memory of Frances Reese
by Richard Brewer & William Davidson

In Memory of Will Ridgway
by William Brooks

In Memory of Anita Rocheleau
by Aline & Pat Leclaire

In Memory of Elizabeth Smith
by Pamela & Elmer Grossman

In Memory of Joseph Sorenson
by Marcia Patterson & Judith Gray

In Memory of Sallie Soule
by Karen & Ted Serrell

In Memory of Ernest & Ellen St. George
by Jim & Ruth St George

In Memory of Mary E. Steward
by Robinson Simonds

In Memory of David Storrs
by Susan & Nick Carter, Marc & Rebecca Gamble, Stewart & Constance Greenfield, Ty Priest & Landon Storrs, Peter & Margie Stern and Gade McArdle LLC

In Memory of Cynthia & John Tilney
by Robinson Simonds

In Memory of John Traexler
by Peggy Kane

In Memory of Pauline Trottier
by Susan Trottier

In Memory of Titia Vander Noordaa
by Paulina Vander Noordaa

In Memory of Denise Verleur
by Ron & Susan Bouchard, Lisa Falcone & Tristram Coffin, Peter & Brooke Haasemann, Carol Irish & Peter Kassel, Lisa & Ed Kent, Deedle Kiley, Charles Levin, Nancy Phillips & Joe Tanen and Lisa Pizzagalli & Daniel Johnson

In Memory of Doug Walker
by Michael & Cynthia Seligmann

In Memory of Steve Waltien
by Lynda Waltien

In Memory of Jason Wark
by Donna Wark

In Memory of Jean Watts
by Amy Koniers

In Memory of Enid Wonnacott
by Don & Mary Woodruff

In Memory of Peter Woodside
by Kelly & Tom Cullins

In Memory of Joan Worden
by Amy Worden

In Memory of Eva & Leo Wynters
by Monika Sternecker

Honorary Gifts

In Honor of James Andrew
by Ari Sadri & Mary Zimmer

In Honor of Theodore Baker
by Mike & Maria McCurdy

In Honor of Andy Barker
by David & Tina Treadwell

In Honor of Fred Bay
by Bill & Nancy Polk

In Honor of Tynan Bissonnette
by Diane Barry

In Honor of Wilfred Bonnette
by Dawn Lancaster

In Honor of Katie Bowman
by Dundeen & Daniel Catlin

In Honor of Breeding Barn Craftsmen
by Penrose & Schuyler Jackson

In Honor of John Brennan
by John Brennan

In Honor of Judy Brook
by Marc Vincent

In Honor of Megan Camp
by Warren & Barry King

In Honor of Mary Cassella
by Leslie & Doug Richter

In Honor of Matteo Castaneda
by Anonymous

In Honor of Christmas Secret Santees
by Antoine Douadi

In Honor of Jennifer Cirillo
by Bernadette & Larry Cirillo and Amy & Marc-André LaChance

In Honor of Robin Clarke
by Linda Kaplan

In Honor of Elizabeth Corker
by Diana Carlisle

In Honor of Stephen Dates
by Linda & Al Gilbert

In Honor of Jane Denker
by Guy & Dana Semmes

In Honor of Susan Dixon
by Ellen Dixon and David Sheldon

In Honor of Eloise and Oliver
by Ariana & Christian Ames

In Honor of Farmers Everywhere
by Dan LeClair

In Honor of Samuel Feldman
by Marilyn Meyerhoff

In Honor of Jenna Gould
by Sam Gould


In Honor of Steve Graf
by Lauren Johannes-Mihalek

In Honor of Rosalyn Graham
by Sally Ballin

In Honor of Sally Hayward
by Ed & Sheila Hayward

In Honor of George & Frances Hegger
by Jessica & David Baker

In Honor of Janice & Tom Heilmann
by Lea & Doug Fitzpatrick and Jackson & Marissa Strayer-Benton

In Honor of Herta Heinzel
by Sabine & Steven Shepard

In Honor of Jo Herstand
by Sarah Myers

In Honor of David & Lauren Hugo
by Robert Taratoot

In Honor of Nan Jenks-Jay
by Warren & Barry King

Kanelos/Taylor Grandchildren
by Terry & Steve Taylor

In Honor of Emily Kayoi
by Carolynne & Jamie Morris

In Honor of Michele Lash
by Christopher Tomkins-Tinch & Erica Lash

In Honor of Aline Leclaire
by John Brennan

In Honor of Leo
by Diana Horn

In Honor of Jean Melby
by John Brennan

In Honor of Courtney Mulcahy
by Rebekah Behan, Joanne Cucinotta, Frances Davis, Aline & Pat Leclaire, Susie & Geoffrey Marchand, Jaime Marland, Jane Meyersburg, Steve Miller, Danielle Prentice, Hunter White and Allison Wilcox

In Honor of Casey Murrow
by Arthur & Carol Westing

In Honor of Pati Naritomi
by Kira Onodera-Harrow

In Honor of Tom & Clara Nold
by Gerald & Virginia Hornung

In Honor of Steve O’Brien
by Erika O’Brien

In Honor of Ellie
by Connie DeBenedetto

In Honor of Our 50th Wedding Anniversary
by Alec & Mary Gerster

In Honor of Pearl the Farmyard Chicken
by Jillian Neubauer

In Honor of Tracey Pearson
by Courtney Campbell


In Honor of Anna Penner
by James Signaigo

In Honor of Karen Polihronakis
by Jackson & Marissa Strayer-Benton

In Honor of Mayo Read
by Dana & Frida Sinkler

In Honor of Charlotte Reider-Smith
by Suzanne Reider

In Honor of The Shelburne Farms Staff
by Toni Flanders and Allison Stebe-Powers & Liam Powers

In Honor of David Sheldon
by James Sligar & Diana Sattelberger

In Honor of Vera Simon-Nobes
by Peter Nobes & Lisa Simon

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. W. Lucas Simons
by Dana & Frida Sinkler

In Honor of Gillian Smart
by Mindy & Ron Rappaport

In Honor of Solar Project
by Nancy Laun

In Honor of Starting College At Middlebury College
by Dundeen & Daniel Catlin

In Honor of Elizabeth Steele
by Creel & Bob McCormack

In Honor of Charlotte Stetson
by Mr. H.P. Colhoun

In Honor of Dov Stucker
by Hugh Martinez & Linda Harding

In Honor of Melisa Suljanovic
by Bianka Cimrin & Efe Cimrin

In Honor of Emily Thurber
by Kris Bowdish

In Honor of Robin Turnau
by April Cornell & Basil Stetson

In Honor of VT Chapter American Parkinson Disease
by Valerie & Gary Smith

In Honor of Shayna Walker
by Rachel Jolly

In Honor of Alec Webb
by Anonymous, Frederica Gamble, David & Sara Hadden, David Sheldon and William & Sarah Webb

In Honor of Marshall Webb
by Nancy Laun and William & Sarah Webb

In Honor of Linda Wellings
by Anonymous

In Honor of Pat White
by Sandra & Henry White

In Honor of Carol & Dan Wilson
by David Keehn

In Honor of Mary Witalec
by Joseph & Carol Olivieri