Planned Giving

Leaving a Legacy for Tomorrow

You don’t have to be a certain age or very wealthy to plan a gift that leaves a legacy for tomorrow. Planned gifts take many forms: from bequests in one’s will, to naming the Farm as beneficiary of retirement assets, or using tax-wise giving strategies such as charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts. 

Whichever gift vehicle is right for you, we trust that your legacy support will involve thoughtful deliberation and the intention to make a real and lasting difference to Shelburne Farms so it may continue to thrive as an education and community resource for generations to come. All those who designate the Farm as the beneficiary of charitable planned gifts are part of our Stewardship Circle.

As you ponder your hopes and dreams for the future, please remember that with careful charitable gift planning, you can both support the Farm and reduce estate taxes or achieve other benefits to yourself or your heirs. We always recommend that you work with your own financial or legal advisors when preparing your estate plans.

What planned gift options are available to me?

Retirement Assets such as traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified plans are the easiest way to make a future gift. Simply indicate an amount or percentage that you would like to leave to Shelburne Farms on your plan’s beneficiary designation form. 

Bequests are popular tool for including the Farm in your estate plans. A bequest is a provision in your will that directs money or other property to go to specified individuals or organizations upon your death.

Life Insurance is an excellent charitable giving tool for numerous reasons. If you have a policy that you no longer need, you may contribute it to the Farm by completing a change of beneficiary form. 

Charitable Gift Annuities provide you with guaranteed income for life and benefit the Farm thereafter. We partner with the Vermont Community Foundation to offer this win-win life-income vehicle. 

Charitable Remainder Trusts issue payment to a beneficiary or beneficiaries for a fixed term and when the trust terminates the remaining assets are transferred to Shelburne Farms.

Charitable Lead Trusts offer an excellent means of providing immediate sustaining support to Shelburne Farms and passing significant assets on to heirs at reduced tax rates. 

Questions? Contact Sue Dixon Special Gifts Coordinator, 802-985-0322.