Children's Farmyard

We’re open for the season! Children’s Farmyard, Tours, & Inn. May 12-Oct. 21, 2018

Open Year-Round: Walking Trails, Welcome Ctr & Farm Store, Programs

included in  General Admission.

Enjoy a fun, safe, friendly and informative experience with your family! The Farmyard, located in the south wing of the Farm Barn, opened in 1991 and aims to give you and your family a positive, hands-on experience with agriculture!

How do you get to the Farmyard?

  • Stroll the Walking Trail from Welcome Ctr. (3/4 mile)
  • Ride a 15-minute tractor wagon shuttle from the Welcome Ctr. to the Farm Barn.
    • Shuttle to Farm Barn: Leaves Welcome Center every half hour (00:00 and 00:30) First shuttle: 10am; last shuttle: 4pm.
    • Return shuttle leaves the Farm Barn every half hour (00:15 and 00:45). Last shuttle: 4:45pm.
    • Farm Barn shuttle pickup/dropoff is in the courtyard, just outside the Cheesemaking area.

What can you do at the Farmyard?

From mid-May to mid-October, explore on your own or join any educational activity scheduled throughout the day! Activities begin at 10:30 by welcoming the chickens outside for the day at the “Chicken Parade.” Activities run every half hour until the Brown Swiss cow gets milked by machine at 4:00. Our trained, enthusiastic educators look forward to connecting with you and your family as they lead these interactive activities. 

Bring your class or camp group to the FarmyardRolling registration. Questions? Catherine Wright, [email protected].

  • Chicken Parade (10:30 am)
  • Milk a Cow by hand (11 am & 2 pm daily) Watch the video!
    NOTE (5/14/18): Our cow is still getting used to her role in the Farmyard. For now, we are doing Meet a Cow not Milk a Cow at 11 and 2. Thanks for helping us get her comfortable.
  • Egg Collecting (self-guided anytime between 10:30 and 3pm, or guided by an educator during Eggstravaganza!)
  • Farm Chores (help the farmers feed the animals every day at 3:30pm)
  • Raptors In Residence:  Meet a live bird of prey and learn about the amazing world of raptors with Outreach for Earth Stewardship. 1:00 PM, Saturdays thru June 16, then every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until September 15.  

Other activities may include: 

  • Groom A Draft Horse
  • Goat Milking (daily at 4:15 pm once our does have begun producing milk)
  • Wool Bracelet Making
  • Brush a Sheep
  • Soak the Sow
  • Get in the Garden
  • and many, many more!

The schedule changes daily except for Milk a Cow, Chicken Parade, and Farm Chores activities. Give us a call or come over to find out what’s happening today!

What animals do we have?

  • Brown Swiss milk cow
  • Brown Swiss calves
  • Dairy Goats (due to kid in July)
  • Sheep and lambs
  • Piglets (5/22/18: Pigs will be arriving once their new pasture and fencing is complete.)
  • Rabbits
  • Laying hens of all shapes and sizes
  • Turkeys (arriving in June)
  • Miniature Sicilian Donkeys
  • Draft Horse

Note: in the off season, these animals are moved to “winter quarters” and are not in the Farmyard.